Jeanhy Shim, President
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What is Housing Lab Toronto? Housing Lab Toronto is an independent housing research and consulting company that is rethinking how we grow our city and our communities.

We listen to and engage with people who live in the city to understand their housing needs, frustrations and aspirations, and then we interpret and make sense of what we have learned to deliver practical and feasible recommendations to our city builders, resulting in better targeting, clear product differentiation, competitive advantage and ultimately, better homes and communities.

Housing Lab Toronto has a unique approach to exploring and understanding real estate market opportunities that is holistic, multi-disciplinary and collaborative.

We believe that real estate is about understanding people.

It is not enough to simply look at mortgage rates or employment rates, or to know what your competition down the street is doing. Real estate buying decisions are often emotionally-based, meaning they are intangible and cannot be measured solely by conventional means or economic data. This means you need to understand people - their lifestyles, values and behaviours; what life stage they are in and what life stage they are moving into, in order to understand their housing needs and aspirations

Using new technologies that reflect how we communicate in the 21st century, Housing Lab Toronto uses innovative methods to engage with and listen to the wider public. Then, with our 22 years of real estate development experience, we can think about and interpret what we see and hear better than any other research company to deliver meaningful insights about how real people live and how they want to live, both inside and outside their homes.

Housing Lab Toronto is headed by Jeanhy Shim. Jeanhy is a strategic city builder specializing in providing intelligent advice and innovative solutions for the real estate development industry. For over 22 years, she has been involved in market research and analysis, product positioning and development, land acquisitions, sales and marketing, operations and customer service with several leading developers, brokers and consultants primarily in the Toronto area.

Jeanhy also brings a wealth of personal experience & perspective to her work as a condo consumer, investor and resident, having purchased condos in pre-construction; having lived in condos for over 15 years; and as Board President of two condominium corporations.

Market Opportunity Studies
- Land Acquisition
- Due Diligence
- Product Positioning
- New Markets

Market Research
- Consumer Engagement
- Housing Tours
- New Ideas and Products

Product Development
- Concept Ideation & Development
- Project and Product Development
- Suite Layouts
- Suite Pricing & Pricing Strategy

Project Launch
- Project Branding & Creative Strategy
- Sales & Marketing Strategy Development
- Experiential Marketing Strategy & Execution
- Sales Execution & Management

Public Relations
- Home Buyer Seminars
- Public Speaking

Other Custom Consulting Services available on request.

Children's Discovery Centre

Urban Family Housing
exploring what urban families really want when it comes to housing in the city

Mid-rise Condominium Apartments
exploring how to maximize mid-rise condominium development opportunities in neighbourhoods

Empty Nester Housing
exploring what empty nesters want when it comes to downsizing in the city